Mother of Dogs | Rescue Tale
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Rescue Tale

02 Feb Rescue Tale

Sabrina Rowe Holdsworth owner of Good Girl Beauty tells us her adoption story.

Why did you adopt?

Because I am moved by all the beautiful animals that need loving homes and I have had excellent experiences in the past.

Was your dog hard to train?

No – My dog was rescued quite young so he was right on time for training so I was lucky. I am really keen on training and patience was all that was required to train him well. I have had an older rescue that I trained with the help of my other dog. They innately want to be obedient so I would say training is simple as long as you dedicate yourself to it.

What would you say to someone considering adoption?

DO IT! Remember – these are living beings – – not toys. If you apply the same amount of care you would to a human you will find the most fulfilling and rewarding relationship with your adopted pet. The training part can be an adjustment but if you do it correctly you will have a happy healthy dog for years to come!