Mother of Dogs | Tell Us About Your Rescue Dog
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Tell Us About Your Rescue Dog

23 Jan Tell Us About Your Rescue Dog

Adopter: Shawna Poole

Rescue Dog: Charlee

Shawna, Why did you adopt and not purchase a dog?

My family & I have always had adopted dogs. They have such a sense of gratitude & they bring an immense amount of happiness to their families. These animals deserve a chance & I’ve always been so lucky to have them come into my life.

2. Was your dog difficult to train?

Charlee, my adopted Siberian husky, was 1 when I adopted her. She had at least 3 homes within her first year. I barely had to do any training! She was already crate trained, potty trained & knew basic commands. She had a couple of incidents with some gold shoes- but she was quick to learn. What can I say? She has good taste…

3. What would you say to someone considering adoption-

I urge you with every ounce of my being to take a chance. Trust in your connection with these animals & know that you will receive such a wonderful gift once you welcome them into your life. They will bring you an immeasurable amount of joy & I hope you take the chance on them. It’s worth it.