Mother of Dogs | Small Girl, Big Dog
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Small Girl, Big Dog

24 Jan Small Girl, Big Dog

Morgan Bogle, The Founder Of Freedom Of Animals Discusses life as a Bully Breed Rescue Owner and the common fears and misconceptions that surround them.

Morgan, what is the biggest misconception about owning Bully Breeds?

Biggest misconception is that they are inheritantly evil and unpredictable. That at any given moment they could flip on you. And having rescued so many from various backgrounds and pasts, not knowing anything about their history, I would be someone that could potentially experience unpredictable or untrusting behavior. I’ve never experienced anything sketchy or uncomfortable.

Are people nervous around your dogs?

People are definitely initially nervous around my dogs. But it’s helpful that I’m a small girl because I dispel the misconception that they are bad. Well and they are mushes so within seconds people are covered in kisses!

Why do you love the breed?

I love the breed because they have been through a lot. Misconception. Mistreatment. Neglect. Basically being outcast from the only society that can care for them. So I started out wanting to help them and to love them. Then once I got to know them, as a breed, I was so blown away by their love and devotion and intelligence (intelligence on another level in fact!) and their overall demeanor. They are very similar to humans that it feels like I’m with my best friends!