Mother of Dogs | Why Viral Christmas Sweater Dog Was The Luckiest Dog In The Shelter
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Why Viral Christmas Sweater Dog Was The Luckiest Dog In The Shelter

11 Feb Why Viral Christmas Sweater Dog Was The Luckiest Dog In The Shelter

I was thrilled to see thousands of people sharing images of Bobby a dog from Miami Dade Animal Services. Everyone was united in the shock and sadness that this dog has been sitting in the shelter with no prospects of adoption since Christmas. Hundreds of people simultaneously tried to adopt him. A friend and active volunteer at the shelter joked that she asked the staff to call every dog Bobby for the day.

Bobby is just one of hundreds of dogs at this shelter who languish for months with little to no chance of adoption. Bobby is one of the luckiest dogs i have seen in this shelter. The sweater and the viral photo outraged and saddened everyone and he was almost immediately adopted. Hundreds of others are still sitting there in far worse conditions than Bobby with no posts to save them and no adopters lining up. The horrors of the shelter system in this country are so easily dismissed people seem to want to believe that only occasionally there is a tragic tale of a dog and if we band together we can get it saved. For most dogs help is not on the way..there is no conversation or outrage on their behalf. People can’t bare to visit shelters because its sad and they still want to buy whatever trendy breed of dog they’ve seen in perfect puppy form. Not every dog can gain national exposure but i hope that Bobby’s story made everyone feel the desperation that all shelter dogs feel. We are in the midst of an epidemic with ten thousand shelter animals euthanized per day because overpopulation is a tremendous problem. Be part of the solution and help save every dog that itself in Bobby’s shoes. We saved Bobby and forgot the rest. While our eyes are on Miami lets make some real changes.

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