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Social Media for Change

26 Jan Social Media for Change

The expression’ “even prettier on the inside” is used so often it would seem everyone at one time has earned this high compliment. It is always refreshing to see the evidence of these people living up to this high standard of praise.

In the case of mega model Amy Hixson her compassion manages to outshine her appearance – and that is no easy feat. Amy chose to use her social media platforms not solely for posting countless fashion clippings or showing the world how fabulous her life is but to document her rescues and efforts for animals. Unfortunately, this is the road less traveled in our current culture which sees most women use it to show perfectly edited pictures of themselves rather than depth of character. Social Media is a far reaching and an easy way to get information out there quickly.

We sincerely applaud Amy for being a woman with a voice who’s using it in a constructive way. You don’t have to preach rescue and talk animal rights but everyone should find a topic you feel passionate about and use your voice. Today there is no telling who will read what you have to say and take it to heart. Imagine if all young people with an online presence starting passionately posting and sharing information that leads people to question and change current issues even just once a week mixed in with daily selfies. So often I see girls with massive media followings never post or show interest in charitable causes and with so much access to world issues, it seems frivolous.

Perhaps these girls know that these posts might not get as many likes as a great bag or a first class trip? If more young people were genuine and really conscience of the message they wanted to spread – the world would see a change. Find a cause that you are passionate about and speak up!

Amy adopted her first rescue dog at just 19 since then has saved countless more lives by fostering and is outspoken advocate for animals in need.

Her most recent Foster dog, Flower, was saved from the Korean dog meat trade.

In Amy’s words:

My passion for animals came from growing up watching and helping my Mom bring in all kinds of species that needed love, always to my dad’s dismay. I adopted my first dog Shogun at 19. He’s been a trooper through my heavy traveling years with work, lived in many cities, barked at many boyfriends.

It wasn’t until recent years that my schedule has allowed me to open my home to more dogs through fostering. It prepares the needy dog for its forever home better than any shelter can. It opens space in shelters so that the new animals that need a spot can be saved.

Fostering and bringing awareness to adopting shelter dogs is my mission. It’s the mission of Mother of Dogs and it can be your mission too. By educating, raising social media awareness, working with shelters, pleading with cities – MOD is shining a light on the ones forgotten in the shadows. We have to teach the next generation that adopting, not shopping, is the only way to get a pet. Every life matters.