Mother of Dogs | Rescuing Sophie
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22 Jan Rescuing Sophie

After the rescue of Sam I had become passionate about saving as many rescues as possible and that led me to foster. Fostering dogs ultimately saves so many lives because they just need a little more time to find a home and shelters can’t offer that time. Our third dog Sophie was a “foster failure.”


I discovered Sophie during a brief walk through of a No Kill LA event. The event, held in May 2014, is the largest of its kind in California and was responsible for finding homes for over 500 cats and dogs over a two day span. I spotted Sophie, almost hidden behind many other dogs, looking frightened in a cage at the event. I offered to take her for a walk and give her some time out of the cage. A volunteer gave me a brief version of her rescue- she was caught by animal control in a trap on the streets of LA after people complained she was digging through trash. Her next stop was the high Kill shelter East Valley. She licked out and from there was taken to the NKLA event by a small rescue. After a short walk we offered to foster and spare her from returning to a cage.

After a week of eating and LOTS of sleeping this scrawny girl with a touch of mange started coming out of her shell. Gentle and desperate for affection she had us hooked and we adopted her two weeks later.