Mother of Dogs | Rescuing Sam
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22 Jan Rescuing Sam

A few years after making the mistake of buying Benny from a shop we decided to add to our animal family and knew without question our next dog would be a rescue. I searched petfinder and stumbled across 11th hour rescue in Rockaway New Jersey. They posted that a small pup- just 8 weeks old had been dumped on a rural highway in Georgia and the shelter planned to euthanize immediately because they were not equipped to care for a puppy that young. A local couple who often visited the shelter decided to take him home and foster while reaching out to rescues for help in finding him a home. At that point, 11th hour rescue all the way in New Jersey took over the task of networking to try and find him a forever home, which lead him to me. As soon as I saw the picture and heard the story I was sold. He was tiny, barely a pound, with a belly full of worms.

samScreen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.32.32 PM

The night animal control spotted him on the side of the road they had been heading to find an abandoned hunting dog. Somehow in freezing temperatures this little dude survived and was lucky enough to be saved hours before a heavy snow storm started from which he surely wouldn’t have survived.

Although the rescue offered to transport him to NYC in the coming weeks.. we flew in and out of Georgia in a day and fetched him ourselves. We drove the one pound ball of love and energy down the same highway he was left on to die.

Sam would grow 15 more pounds and open up our eyes to the world of rescues.