Mother of Dogs | Rescuing Charlee
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21 Jan Rescuing Charlee

charlie-1An adoption Story By Shawna Poole:

That right eye. The perfect diagonal split of brown & blue. The photograph that popped up on Facebook through a foster at a local shelter, Angels of Assisi, was when I knew that I had to have that dog. Within 5 minutes I was contacting the shelter in Roanoke, VA to schedule a visit & meet this Siberian Husky.

Charlee (formerly Renee) had two failed homes & had spent the majority of her first year in shelters. Let’s just say third times the charm because she came home with me the next day! Charlee was a 1 year old, crate trained, potty trained spunky dog that had somehow not lost hope in a crate, surrounded by other homeless pets. I remember taking Charlee to the park on our first afternoon together and watching in awe as she sprinted through the grass, playfully teasing other dogs, with a look of sheer joy on her face. From a crate in a crowded shelter, to a field and full range of my home, this dog came into her own. Both of our lives were instantly changed.

Having grown up with rescues all of my life I knew the satisfaction that came with saving a life from a shelter. Shelters can be an overwhelming experience for humans, so imagine the anxiety going through the animals minds. To see the joy & the love that exudes through these animals when they are given a chance at life is the best feeling there is. I have seen so many faces in shelters… The look in their eyes shows that they’ve lost their spirit and given up hope. My mom is one of the biggest rescue advocates that I know and her selflessness and love for animals inspired me to only rescue. You can find your dream dog in a shelter, and they will provide you with the best type of love and gratitude in return.

From the moment I met Charlee my life had this added zest that was missing before. I’ve only grown up with rescues and their personalities vary so much depending on what type of a life they had early on. I’ve had dogs that have never left my side, dogs who were abused by their prior owners and were so scared to leave the living room that it took months to make them comfortable. There is a range of personalities, but they are not damaged goods. They are the most pure form of happiness that one can stumble upon.charlie-2

Many people in Atlanta think that I purchased Charlee. I’m always quick to advise that she is a rescue and that many pure bred animals end up in shelters daily. There are wonderful rescue groups that are constantly providing you with the faces of this they have been left behind.

Through a move, a job change, schedules shifting, etc. I have always been able to care for my pet. She will always come first & as a pet owner I am proud to have the responsibility of caring for this sweet girl. I will always say that she is the best $15 I’ve ever spent & I am forever grateful for the joy she had brought to my life.