Mother of Dogs | Meet Benny
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22 Jan Meet Benny

Benny was the first dog to join our family, long before i had any involvement in rescue. We jokingly call her “our puppy mill mistake” like many other people not educated on the subject we walked into a swanky shop in manhattan and spent a small fortune on her. The shop had wall’s lined with pictures of the celebrities who had shopped with them and they handed us a thick stack of papers claiming to state how well bred she was.

One year later we recognized the breeders name when a puppy mill was raided and it made the news. To our horror and shock they found hundreds of dogs outside in wire pens, exposed in the elements, some in such horrific conditions they were on the brink of death. My shock turned quickly to outrage that a store would claim so much under the guise of being a “USDA approved Breeder”

I decided right then and there to make sure this information became so prevalent that nobody would have an excuse to buy and support the cruel business of Puppy Mills.

We love Benny but feel so sad at the thought of her parents who most likely lived and died in wire cages in misery to make money for shops across the country selling foo foo breeds under false pretense of being reputable. They are nothing more than breeding factories that put profit above the wellbeing of the animals in their “care” The dogs living and breeding in these mills are kept in squalor, forced to breed over and over until they eventually die from the conditions or birth. When they fail to reproduce and make a profit they are often discarded. Some mills simply stop feeding them and they die in the cages. The lucky ones are taken in by rescue groups. It’s estimated there are 10 thousand puppy mills active in the United States.