Mother of Dogs | An Adoption Story
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22 Jan An Adoption Story

One of the first dogs I was asked to help place in a home was blue nose pit bull with a tragic past. I thought this task would be daunting but I learned very quickly how rescuers step up and save the lives of the otherwise unwanted. Here’s a beautiful adoption story, submitted by Dana Ayers:

Sammie and George are my two rescue pups. They have shiny coats; white teeth; and a playful, happy energy that lets you know how loved they are, but their coats weren’t always shiny and they weren’t always confident, playful dogs.


Sammie, a gray pitbull, came to us from a high kill shelter in GA via a rescue group in NJ. Sammie was one of the lucky pitbulls who made it out of the shelter; so many of her blocky head brothers and sisters are euthanized daily because the shelters run out of space and there just aren’t enough foster homes and adopters. Sammie was dumped in rural GA, pregnant and unwanted. She tried to find shelter to give birth to her babies, but instead what she found was someone who would take her puppies once they were born, drown them, and then threaten to shoot her. Sammie’s story would have had a much different ending if a kind neighbor hadn’t offered to take her and turn her into a shelter, where her sweet nature charmed the staff and volunteers, eventually enabling them to find a transport and rescue group to take her.


George, our sweet island boy, wandered up to the house we were renting in the Bahamas. He was part of a pack of starving, mangy dogs looking for food and he was so timid and shy that he would stand at the back of the pack, patiently waiting for his friends to eat first, and then he would take what was leftover. George was emaciated, covered in fleas and ticks, and missing patches of hair due to mange. So, he was not the best looking dog at first glance, but he won our hearts with those big brown eyes and his gentle nature. By the second day of our trip we knew he was going home with us, one way or another. We gave him a bath in the driveway, made a bed for him on the porch, and the next morning we took him to the Bahamas Humane Society for vetting.


We would later learn he had heart worms and ehrlichia (a bacteria transmitted by ticks) and that he was not healthy enough to be flown to the United States right away. So, we found a place to board him for 30 days while his mange was treated and he gained some weight. Exactly 30 days later, on February 17th, we drove to JFK to pick up our boy and welcome him home!


We cannot imagine our lives without these two amazing, resilient dogs and therein lies the true beauty of rescuing and it’s why we have committed to never buying a dog while so many are still waiting for their fairytale ending.There truly is no better feeling than taking a dog with a broken spirit and sad eyes and giving them the chance to flourish into joyful, healthy, happy members of your family.

Two unwanted dogs found a happy life together because a family decided to rescue. Imagine how many lives could be saved if everyone had this mentality.