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Mother of Dogs is an organization created to bring attention to shelter animals in the United States. The primary goal of Mother of Dogs is to educate the public on the plight of these animals and discourage breeding or buying while millions die each year looking for homes.

How I Got Started with Mother of Dogs

In 2013, Allie adopted a dog who at just 10 weeks old was scheduled to be euthanized. Her rescue of this dog resulted in her campaign to raise awareness and end brutal forms of animal cruelty.

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Approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters each year. Some are lost pets who end up returned to their homes, but many will never leave. Why?

Because we have too many dogs, too many breeders, too many people not spaying and neutering, and too many owners who abandon their pets. The supply is simply greater than the demand.

The stigma that shelter dogs are damaged or bad is not only incorrect, it also condemns millions of animals to death each year. Every time you buy a dog, you contribute to this epidemic.

Save an animal’s life and adopt instead.